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The AED Law Center™ is a comprehensive online information resource to help you learn the AED laws for any state, understand the AED laws in plain English and stay informed about pending AED legislation nationwide.

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AED Laws

Learn the laws

Full versions of AED laws (statutes and regulations) for every state. 
These describe what you must know and do to operate your AED program, legally and responsibly; what liability protections are available; and what types of organizations must have AEDs.

AED Law Profiles

Understand the laws

Clear, authoritative analysis and explanations of laws for every state. In plain English.
These include:
AED Law Summaries: A high-level overview of each state’s AED laws.
Administrative and Operational Requirements: Description of those things you must do to administer and operate your AED program. 
Liability ProtectionExplanation of what Good Samaritan immunity protections are (or are not) available for your AED program and people.  
AED Placement Mandates: A list of types of organizations, if any, required to have AEDs.

AED Legislation Tracking

Stay informed of changes to the laws

Legislation and regulation tracking system watching for changes to each state’s AED laws. 
Readiness Systems monitors this activity and updates the tracking database every day.
Receive notifications when laws are added or changed. 

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