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About the AED Law Center

Automated external defibrillator (AED) laws exist in every state but vary widely by jurisdiction. Following AED laws may help preserve Good Samaritan legal protections in some jurisdictions and can help a legal defense in the unlikely event of a lawsuit. Accurately knowing the laws is required to properly follow the laws.

The AED Law Center is a comprehensive online information resource that helps you learn about the AED laws for every state, understand the AED laws in plain English and stay informed about pending AED legislation nationwide.

AED Law Center subscriptions include:


AED Laws

Full versions of AED laws (statutes and regulations) for every state. 


AED Law Profiles

Clear, authoritative analysis and explanations of laws for every state. In plain English.


AED Legislation Tracking

Legislation tracking system that watches for changes to each state’s AED laws. 

The AED Law Center is brought to you by Readiness Systems, the nation’s leading AED program compliance expert. Readiness Systems designs and documents complete AED programs, remotely monitors AEDs, provides AED law and public policy resources and publishes trusted industry standards and other compliance resources.

About the AED Law Center

Organizations with AEDs must follow industry standards and AED laws. AED laws vary widely by jurisdiction and generally do three things:

  1. Tell organizations what they must do to administer and operate an AED program;
  2. Define what if any legal protections may be available to the organizations and people involved in AED programs (so called Good Samaritan immunity); and
  3. Identify the types of organizations that must have AEDs.

Only the AED Law Center has trusted, complete and up-to-date AED laws to help you become and stay compliant.

Buyer beware. You can find so-called “free AED law information” on the internet. But really, how “free” is information that is incomplete, inaccurate, and unreliable? Too much is at stake when you need to be and prove you are compliant.

Who Needs the AED Law Center

The AED Law Center benefits anyone involved in any aspect of AED program compliance, design, operations, services, law, public policy or reporting including:

AED Owners and Program Managers

AED Manufacturers and Distributors

AED Trainers and Program Management Companies

Policymakers and Regulators


The Media

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